Pine processionary, Red palm weevil, Tomicus, Mushrooms etc.


Phytosanitary treatments helps to prevent or eradicate pests and diseases that attack trees. It helps to prevent irreversible damage to them and stops them from spreading; in addition it alleviates the inconveniences caused by citizens.

These treatments are based on integrated elements, techniques, physical and management measure, which may help to prevent the occurrence of the pest control. At certain times on CALENDER invasive species appear as pests that make it necessary for plant protection treatments or application to prevent this from happening.

Emdema features PERSONALISED and specialized equipment to perform and preventive and curative treatments of diseases and pests in public and private green spaces, and our main argument respectfully prioritizes the use of biological products for the environment, without compromising the health of people and animals.

Pine Processionary


To be able to control the pests, our company offers comprehensive care: a system using one set of techniques and appropriate methods, in the most compatible way possible. It helps to maintain and control the level and population of pests, establishing methods and specific actions for each stage development.



This is a kind of xilofaga that performs LOW GALLERIES  cuts on the bark of the trunk and large branches, along with the in the cup. Especially harming the young pine tress which are already weakened by problems of soil, water, defoliating insects and fungi, etc.

Red Palm Weevil


Red palm weevil is a big concern in the palms of Spain. Given the characteristics and danger of the most important pests is its rapid detection and diagnosis of the state of the palm.

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