Pest control

Disinsectisation, Rodent Control, APPCC, flying insect devices


As pest control leader in the Baleares, Emdema provides all the necessary needs to find a solution to any problems arising form a pest or to prevent it. EMDEMA’s professional team is highly qualified to offer the highest quality in both service and personalized attention and advice, with details of any pest control treatment or biocide products, always based on criteria of safety, efficiency and environmental management.

 Work Methodology

•    Installation inspection
•    Prioritize preventive measures
•    Detection of possible rick points
•    Identification of the pests to be controlled, its locations, distribution and extent
•    Determine the degree of incidence and infestations, as well as factors that cause and promote their proliferation
•    Performance of treatment and follow through biological, chemical and/or physical methods.


portada-desinsectacionThe disinsectisation is a set of measures aimed at controlling and eliminating insects and other athropods that can cause disease transmission


portada-appcc(APPCC) Hazard analysis and critical control points. Our company carries out the design and implementation of plans hazard analysis and critical control points


portada-desrratizacionRat is defined as the set of remediation techniques that are used to control rodents, including rats and mice. The process in the capture is mechanical, eliminating rodents by attracting them with rodenticide bait.

Catching insect Device

atrapainsectosFor control of flying insects, offering insectocutor devices, all complying with current legislations.

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