Environmental Hygiene



•    Control and prevention of legionellosis in installation risks.
•    Cleaning ducts A/A
•    Indoor air quality performance with the rules FEDECAI 01: 2007. Sick building syndrome.
•    SALE, installation and maintenance of chlorination equipment softeners, osmosis etc.
•    Quality control of air and water in swimming pools.

The environmental health department of our company is dedicated to the prevention, control and improvement of basic environmental conditions necessary to maintain public health, including air and water for human consumption.


portada-legionellaControl and prevention in risks of facility.  Legionella is an environmental bacterium, its natural niche…

Equipment Sales


Indoor air quality Sale, installation, maintenance of chlorination equipment softeners, osmosis etc. Our company has qualified products for sale; installations and...

Duct Cleaning A/A

portada-limpieza-conductosDuct Cleaning A/A.  To ensure maximum hygiene and indoor air quality we provide a complete sanitation and ventilation duct and air conditioning...

Quality control of air and water in Swimming Pools


Quality control of air and water in Swimming Pools. Recently the regulations for technical sanitary control modifications wins nationwide



Audits Indoor air quality Audits according to UNE 171330-1, 2, 3  Currently we spend 80% of our time indoors, either at WORK, home, cinemas, bars, malls etc.

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