Emdema launches the company for bedbugs, coinciding to start at the beginning of the summer season, as the insects start to spread more easily.


BedBugs: Identification and Control



The resurgence of the problem of bedbugs is due to both the dense urban population and large movements of people.
In airports the luggage of national flights, international or intercontinental are stored with out any type of restriction.
The treatment towards bedbugs is a very complex and difficult to control. They are difficult to find, persistent, very invasive and as well there are restrictions on insecticides with residual effects.

There is no guarantee of absolute eradication of the pests.



The bedbugs feed off of blood and cause itchy bites. The adults are a coffee like color, of 0.6 to almost 1 Centro meter long with a oval shaped flat body. The young bedbugs, also referred to ninfas are smaller with a more clear color. These have an itchy mouthpart which than suctions the blood. They are adapted to pierce the skin and feed off human blood, which itches during the night. They make use off heat and the emission of CO2 of humans to find and feed off their victims.
Bedbugs come out approximately every 5 to 10 days, however they can live up to 1 year without the necessity to feed.
The infestations of these insects have a sweet smell, which is very unpleasant.


Points of Risk:

Bedbugs are usually situated in slots, beds and sofa cavities, followed by folds in mattresses, covers from seats, night stands, frames and baseboards and reaching up to electrical cables etc.
Stop spending time in an environment that has already been infested, for example hostels for travellers we should lead them to our domestic environment.
The presence of bedbugs is not synonymous it leads to poor hygiene and cleaning.


Control Measures

To eliminate the bedbugs Emdema offers integrated pest control: this means they value and implement all existing measures of control with priority to non-chemicals to ensure success. Our specialists recommend correct and preventive measures to eradicate the infestation.


Inspection prior Treatment

To discover the extent of the infestation there must be a careful inspection of all places infested, because the necessary control measures depend on if the infestation is established and if it has spread or is emerging. Finding the eggs or rest of them and black spots of excrement are also indicative of its presence.


Monitor Devices

If suspected of an infestation or bedbugs which is not evident and with a level of a very low infestation, we use devices- monitors which attract the insect. However currently do not pose by them selves for the procedure and to the extent that there is no guarantee on total eradication.

Using Vacuums

This is one of the best complementary actions in operating the control of an infestation, which this function is not to control the bedbugs. However it helps the infestation to become lot more easy to deal with, helping to control the infestation and eliminating a high percentage of the insects or waste, reducing or eliminating the efficiency of biocides later on.

Heat Treatment

When bedbugs produce in beds, furniture and other objects the Chemical application can cause problems, both for the industry and the clients who are not willing to a narrow contact with insecticides. A Physical control method applied to the contents of the room could be a Useful take in the overall management of bedbug infestation as a supplement to the application of insecticides, where they can be found in cracks and crevices which is to be there potential shelter.
The emdema system is a removable thermal camera and laptop to eliminate bedbugs at all stages, only by (49’C – 63’C) In utensils, clothing and small and medium furniture; sofas, chairs etc.


Steam Method

Bedbugs can be very sensitive to the change of temperature, both high and low. The treatment with a steam flow at 180’ eliminates the adult insects, larvae at different stages and eggs in places where the insecticide application is undesirable; mattresses, sofas etc.

The flow of steam and detergent reaches all corners, even the most hidden and most difficult to treat, allowing disaggregation. This prevents the eggs from sticking to surfaces.


Advantages of the control Methods:

  1. It does not have any negative health effects, either by inhalation or by skin contact and can you used even in the presence of people.
  2. The room can be used again immediately after completing the operation.
  3. It eliminates both adult insects and larvae stages and eggs
  4. In addition to killing the bugs, it also removes from treated surfaces, bacteria, fungi and smell of bedbugs is reduced.

This treatment can help the non-use of chemicals for destruction.


Application of insecticide

To eradicate the infestation it will need to be treated with an appropriate suited local insecticide, including beds, other furniture and shelters in the tissues of infested rooms.

Post-Treatment Evaluation

It is recommended that the initial treatment for bed bugs is to be followed by at least 2 visits, at two week intervals in order to make sure and verify on the sport if there has been seen any insects or experienced bite (s) Additional(s) from the pervious treatment. Once all treatments are complete and no activity of bed bug infestation has been detected or new evidence, the word “controlled’’ is declared.
However there can be no guarantee of the infestation being completely cleared or that new bed bugs are reintroduced to the structure.


Mattresses of Sheathe

They use the covers, especially ones designed to fully cover (upper surfaces, bottom and sides of the mattresses. These devices are often very useful to protect the mattresses and a installation is highly recommended as apart form the protective effect the treatment is highly effective.

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