We are aware that the quality and the environmental control services we present is a primary factor for our development and continuity, so we take responsibility for defining, implanting and maintaining a quality policy and a suitable environment to carry out the needs and expectations of our clients.

This Policy is based on the following points:

  • Fulfill the commitment to protect and improvement of the environment, always offering the best service; fast and effective.
  • Meet the legal requirements and other requirements that do not apply and take into account customer acquirements
  • Offer a service with unique features and trust, bringing facilities for towns availing, even in the smallest detail.
  • Minimize the intake of natural resources and substances, bringing it to the required minimum without affecting our high quality and service.
  • Prevent the contamination of any form, adopting the best techniques available.
  • Progressively reduce the generation of waste; those difficult to reduce shall be deposited in appropriate areas for recycling or proper treatment.
  • Complete a working methodology (monitoring) for the maximum reduction of using chemicals
  • Continuously update this policy, the objectives and goals of our integrated management system quality and environment.
  • Provide appropriate training and raise awareness to staff, favoring the development of this policy and respecting the environment. Engaging with our providers and subcontractors, both in the adoption of our environmental standards as much as the compliance of requirements of our integrated system with the environment and quality.

Certifications of Quality Management and Environment

At EMDEMA we are aware of the importance of our internal management system, which meets the expectations of our clients and which in return does not involve any danger to the environment or to the safety and health of others.
Therefore, in 2006 we obtained the certification of our internal environmental management system according to the standard ISO 14001:2004 and the European regulations 1221/2009 Eco-management and environmental audits (EMAS), with the objective to control and improve environmental performance in the development of all our activities.

View certificate EMAS and UNE EN ISO 14001:2004

In 2009 we obtained the certification of our internal quality management system, according to UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008, which is integrated in our internal mangement system,with the primary goal of quality servicing which meets expectations of our clients and is based on continuous improvements on our process.

View certificate NORMA UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008

Continued on the same line, this 2010 we have initiated the adaption process of our internal system to NORMA UNE 171210 of indoor environmental quality and good practise plans for the plans of disinfections, insect extermination and rat extermination, Obtaining the certificate in December 2010.  

View certificate NORMA-UNE 171210

Training Plan and Prevention Of occupational risks

Emdema has an internal procedure with the aim of ensuring training to all personnel of the company, therfore an annual training plan is cumpulsory(qualified and basic level), industry specific,environmental training and prevention of risk.The cumpulsory specific training is performed according to needs (new employees, new qualifications…) In the case of enviornmental training  and prevention it is performed in a continuous manner, for new employees and for the exsisting staff.

The training for workers as a topic is to prevent occupational hazards and that the environment is a priority and therefore it is considered a strong point to the company. In relation to the training it regards prevention ,quality and the environment. This is done by external companies, in addition there are courses on application of products with the same suppliers and/or with the company address , all done continuosly.

Ver declaración ambiental 2014

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